I am a Loving Artist who creates jewelry, art, crafts, decor and more!!
My passion for the Healing arts has led me to hone my skills in Reflexology & Art Therapy

Here; On Planet Janet, we incorporate things from Nature and "Upcycle" to protect her Beauty for many generations to come!

We are happy to do custom orders.

Sincere Gratitude to the many Artists along the way whom I connect & collaborate with on this journey as we help each other become Better Artists;  enhancing Humanity, each and everyday on this Planet!

I don't believe in the common phrase "self taught" I believe that we all learn from one another.

We offer classes for paint, crafts & jewelry throughout the Reno Tahoe area that are a Fun, Non-judgemental, inclusive environment.... We ALL have an artist inside


Happy Times to each and everyone of you. Thank you for shopping on Planet Janet!

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