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The Cedar posts were stashed in a garage for over 50 years!

I began the process sanding then staining the wood

Then  created the "Geode" the outer layer is made with stones from Black Sand I collected on a friends beach in Tahoe

combined with other mediums, as well as mixing paint n resin to pour into the design of the Geode

Lastly I  covered and sealed the Geoded with resin to last for generations to come.


I utilized Unique Upcycled knobs to display your jewelry nicely and make it convient to select what you will wear each day. 

Then added eyescrews along both sides to hold several pairs of earrings.

Organized, easy to reach in full display

ONE OF A KIND! Hurry get yours TODAY!

Pricelss gift!!

#3 Jewelry Display Geode design on 50+ year old Ce

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